Our Wellness Membership

We offer a Wellness Membership for a monthly fee, allowing you to enhance your health and well-being with exclusive, shareable benefits. Enjoy personalized plans, nutritional guidance, and a wide range of wellness and aesthetic services. As a member, your benefits are transferable, so your loved ones can benefit even when you can’t. However, unused benefits cannot be carried over from one month to another. You can select a complimentary service from a designated list each month and also receive 5-10% discounts on all other services.

Join our community of wellness enthusiasts, incorporating self-care into your monthly routine while sharing well-being and enjoying extra savings on your favorite services. If you’re interested, call one of our centers today to express your desire to become part of our family and begin enjoying all our benefits.

For our other services, you’ll receive a 5-10% discount. This discount may vary each month depending on availability and ongoing promotions. 

Monthly Fee: $39

Need more information?

Please contact our office monthly to inquire about the discount for your desired procedure.

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